Monday, May 16, 2011

Eyes Scramble

Sore eyes? Dry eyes? Headache?

This is the place where you can ask questions and advices how to go about with your eye problems. Since i spend a lot of time in the computer ( after work), I decided to offer free advice here.

Computers and cellphones are now basic parts of our lives, from kids, students to working adults. Needless to say, technology has been the most common cause of eye strain, from simple dry eye to red eye and headache.

Pain around the eyes and headache are the 2 most common complaints. It could be due to dry eye and eyestrain caused by excessive computer use for several hours. Or you might need an eyeglasses! The most inexpensive way to prevent dry eye is to blink! We often forget to blink if we are in front of the PC or TV. If you have problems somewhat related to the ones i mentioned, just ask away and i will try to help. Also, the safest eyedrops to start with is lubricant or artificial tears. This will help prevent dry eyes. You can also try

Most common is eye infection or sore eyes. My advise is to stop rubbing your one red eye with a hanky because chances are you will rub it in your other eye and you will get both eyes infected! Not only that, you have to understand that you get sore eyes thru contact or touch, not by just looking. To avoid spreading it within the household the rule is "no touch". And of course it has to be treated with antibiotics eyedrops for 7 days.

It is still best to have an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as you can.


  1. Hi Doc,

    As a child I noticed little worm like shape when one open the eyes and concentrates on the ceiling. Most never notices it until they are adults. Do you have a link to explain those occurrences and how normal is it?

    I remember a friend who told me he just noticed it and was worried is was due to working on the computer. Since I thought it was normal I told him so but I was not sure. He went to see an Eye Doctor not sure which one and that is what he was told, it was normal.

    Is there a time when one should be concerned?

    Thanking you in advance and have a blessed Christmas 2014.

    From a Canadian who wished he was in RP enjoying the warm sun.

  2. I had a friend who was seeing flashes in one eye. I had a client who was an optometrist. When the optometrist called for my assistance I had asked him about flashes. He explained how torn tissues happen etc and printed out some information which I passed on to my friend.

    Are flashes normal or is there a time when it is serious?

    Are there links on the internet?

    What term would you call when people see flashes?

    Are occurrences a come and go? How often is normal?

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, been inactive for quite a while in this blog . Our medical term for those light flashes is "Photopsia" . You can read more here :

  3. Dry eye.

    How does it feel like?

    Sometimes I have an eye that feels like something is in the eye but nothing is there.

    What creates the feeling of something in the eye?

    Eye is red a bit at times but not always.

    Annoying so does dry eye feel like that.

    What eye drop do you think is best? Easiest to do maybe instead of rubbing the eye.

    Are you still answering questions?

    Good Blog by the way

    1. Yes, it looks like you have some general symptoms of dry eye...all the things you mentioned. There are lots of artificial tears/ lubricant eye drops over the counter now. For a start you can try PEG 400 ( Systane Ultra) eyedrops by Alcon or PEG 8000 ( Artelac Rebalance ) by B&L). If you will apply it more often , opt for preservative free like "soothe" eyedrops. Hope that helps .

  4. Hey BrightEyes

    What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

    Not sure if I have.

    What is the best eye drops if I have?

    Thanks if you respond I noticed it is an older Blog with no answers

    1. Please see answer above :-) If I may add, just consciously trying to blink more would prevent dry eye :-)
      It is usually caused by too much computer use ,reading ,watching TV or lack of sleep.