Friday, June 18, 2010

The Third Eye Capture

I thank God for Nature, and I want to give it back to Him as beautiful as it is.Thank you God!
I Call my camera, " The Third Eye that i have wished for" because it usually gives me a different view from what i have seen in my naked eye. It is also my memory enhancer. Sometimes we travel so fast and we see too much beauty that we miss some of it. With my digital camera at hand, i shoot at anything and voila! i see a lot of beauty in retrospect!
To buy or not to buy...that is the question! A portion of land in this tiny white sand island called Mararison Island is available, and i am contemplating at this very moment if i should push through with my plan of buying a portion of land in one virgin island ( white sand! ) in my province Antique. While i'm still indecisive, i am posting some pictures of this island and if by chance anybody would like to share their thoughts and comment. You are all welcome. You might be able to make me decide! To go or not to go ahead with the buy. I feel like i have the peace and quiet in Mararison Island but its so so backwards because there is no electricity. Its like going back in delimna....


  1. Hi Doc,

    Many factors to consider.

    Price of course, and is it on ocean front. Are there people living there? Will electricity ever get there? How far is it from your home? Cost to get to this new location? Could you build anything and how would you get drinking water? Could you rent out to tourists etc.

    If it is very cheap and I do not know what cheap is there. God does not create any more land. Would you go there often and can you really relax with no electricity which means no water and no toilet etc.

    Any other places for sale that has electricity and water and toilet etc. with a building that one could rent out ?

    Voila my thoughts

    1. Hey thanks for your insights and thoughts. The island is only 15 minutes away from mainland so needs can be easily purchased and transported in. Drinking water is mostly bottled water anyway. There is a deepwell for bathing ( acceptable I think). Price is very cheap yes! Only problem remains...electricity, but what about solar energy? made me think again.