Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boracay Experience

Thanks to "Milky's Dive" in Boracay, I had a complimentary dive. It was a stunning experience. This was free for me! But everyone can enjoy the same experience for only 900 pesos. If you contact me before going to Boracay and you will do this , I can ask Milky (Owner/friend) for a discount!

I have Boracay for 5 times now, If you have a tight budget and would want to save with your accommodation, i can recommend " Alice in Wonderland" along station 3, costing only 2000 pesos good for 4 people. It is near to the talipapa where you can buy swim swear and "pasalubongs" at a bargain. But if money is not an issue and you just want to enjoy to the max, try "Astoria" along station 1 and very near to the grotto, where you can witness the beauty of the setting sun.

Getting there is easy by plane from manila to caticlan. Then 15 minutes ferry from caticlan port to the island of Boracay. You can then choose to ride on a trike or a min cab. Just found out lately that the last trip of the ferry is as late as 10 pm depending on the traffic.

Boracay has something for all walks of life. There is a quiet part in the north side of the island, the Eco Village which is near the Puka Beach. More private and more quiet environment but water tends to be a little rougher.

For people who love the crowd , calm beach and night life, the long stretch of the main white beach along station 1 to 3 is the place to be. Here, they say "What you see in Boracay you leave in Boracay".

If you have any questions at all and if you are planning a vaction to Boracay, feel free to ask. I will try my best to answer. Enjoy life to the fullest!

For a good map of the Island and to help you with which hotel to choose, try this website : http://www.toursboracay.com/boracay-map.php


  1. That mean I have to go there for the 5th time and the saying "What you see in Boracay you leave in Boracay" is true ha ha ha ask my wife

  2. These are really amazing pictures Ging...

  3. We should go again next year Dingdong, pingpong, remember our specially designed t/shirts lol, pingpong